for those with the greatest need.

“We are delighted to be able to support Rare Disease Day 2021 through the publication of our Rare and Ultra-Rare Prioritisation and Sustainability report. This report, with contributions from 17 different organisations around the world, helps to highlight the challenges we face when trying to develop new medicines for rare diseases and calls for greater support for sustainable investment in finding treatments for rare and ultra-rare diseases.”

Dr Joe Wiley

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About Amryt

At Amryt Pharma, we look beyond the ordinary, unearthing scientific potential and delivering medicines that may have the potential to change the lives of people with rare, debilitating conditions.

Through our in-depth knowledge and bold approach we combine the expertise and innovation needed to help patients and their caregivers to access new treatments quickly and responsibly.

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Healthcare Professionals

Amryt Pharma is committed to delivering safe and effective medicines that help healthcare professionals treat their most challenging patient cases; transforming lives where it may not have been possible in the past.

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Amryt Pharma focuses exclusively on the development and commercialisation of innovative, breakthrough medicines for the treatment of rare, ultra-rare (orphan) and debilitating diseases with high unmet medical need.

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Business Development

Amryt Pharma’s success is built on the strong partnerships we forge with current and future pharmaceutical partners in all territories. We pride ourselves on being nimble and creative when negotiating deals and we believe it is imperative to ensure all parties achieve a mutual benefit.

Business Development

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This is an exciting time for Amryt Pharma. We are a successful, thriving global company poised to achieve unparalleled results.

Our success is driven and defined by the inspiring people who embody our values and wake up every day with the goal of changing lives of people with rare and orphan diseases.

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Aegerion legal settlement and compliance

Amryt acquired Aegerion in September 2019 and inherited responsibilities for pre-existing Aegerion legal settlements and compliance obligations