Key PerfoRmance Indicators

  • The key indicators of performance for Amryt Pharma are its success in identifying acquiring and developing drug candidates to create shareholder value.
  • The delivery of our Phase III global clinical trial of AP101 (Oleogel S-10) – the EASE study – interim results in the last quarter of 2018, with full results in the second quarter of 2019, and the further expansion of the Lojuxta® (Lomitapide) business are important steps in the growth plans of the Company.
  • Control of cash balances is a priority of Amryt Pharma and these are budgeted and monitored closely to ensure that Amryt Pharma has access to sufficient funds to finance the EASE study. Operational progress in relation to AP101 (Oleogel S-10) and AP102 are reviewed by the Board on a regular basis and actual costs are compared to Board approved budgets.